Vegas Super Casinos

If you are on your way to Vegas and looking for somewhere to stay with the utmost luxury then you have to stay at one of  the Las Vegas super casinos. They vary in size and style but no matter what your budget you can stay in one of the strips many huge casino and hotel resorts. read more on super casinos here.

The Bellagio is perhaps the biggest and most luxurious with 4000 rooms ranging from luxurious doubles to top suites which go for $45,000 per night. If you don’t want be spending $45,000 just for one night’s accommodation then why not hit up their tables where you can be comped in entire weeks stay in their best rooms. Be forewarned though as you will need to have a huge budget in order for them to treat you as a highroller. Many of the big players will spend between $5,000 and $25,000 per hand of blackjack and be prepared to lose millions of dollars over the course of the weekend. These sort of players are known as Whales and are treated like gods by the casino staff. After a while you will be treated to private jets the best accommodation and free food in the top restaurants.

Even if you are only a small player you can still be treated well by the super casinos. If you are on a lesser budget then try the MGM Grand as they still have fantastic rooms and great suites they are targeted towards more of the lower end of the market. By signing up for a players card here you will get comped rooms and buffets just by playing games. Players who enjoy slots will get awarded much more than the average table game player as slots generate more revenue per square metre than any other casino game on the floor. The amount you bet is also dependent on how much you will be rewarded i.e. betting one dollar per spin on a slot get you much better rewards than playing five dollars a hand of blackjack.

The main thing to remember when playing in Vegas is to have fun and enjoy yourself. The odds are stacked against you when  you play and depending on the game you choose, the house edge will range from 1% all the way up to 30% in games like keno. In the long run you will never beat the house but you can certainly make a profit if you are lucky enough in the short run. Also remember that you must pay a resort fee when you arrive ranging from $10-$20 depending on the casino you play at.

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