Slots in Vegas!

If you are heading to Vegas and are looking to make it big by playing slots and I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. In terms of value for players slots are by far the worst game to play for the vast majority of people. The only game which offers worse value is keno which is known to be as low as 60%. The average slot machine pays out around 85 to 95% of whatever you put in. This means if you wager when I hundred dollars you will get $.85 back in the long run. Obviously this is only shown over a long period of time so occasionally players will go on a hot streak but by the same definition players will also go on a very cold streak with a can go many spins without any sort of win.

The best way to get value from playing slots is simply not to play them.obviously if you are in Vegas to gamble and that’s going to be quite difficult to do. First of all ensure you get a players card from the casino you are playing in. These offer great value for money if you are a slots player and you may end up getting free stays at a later date as well as meals and possibly flights if you play on.

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There are occasions when slots can be good value if you are very video poker’s game player. Video poker is similar to slots but there is a basic strategy in that you must get the best by card playground possible with the Royal flush paying out the most. Occasionally these video poker machines will feature huge progressive jackpot payouts that make it worthwhile chasing. When a jackpot is big enough in a video poker machine the average return to player will be slightly over 100%. Of course the main downside to this is to see the 100% plus payout you need to play millions and millions of hands including a hand which hits the jackpot payout otherwise you will obviously get less than 100% back.

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Since slots are completely independent when you spin there is no relation to the last spin so you will never be sure if you were on a hot streak and if it will continue just as you never know what the next been doing. It is best to research the games you play on as some will pay out higher amounts up to 95% while others will pay much less. Generally slots which are themed around film and TV will pay out less as the casinos have to pay distribution rights to the owners. It is rumoured that slots near the entrance payout much higher in order to entice people on low we have never seen evidence of this. By this reasoning slots in less touristy casinos should pay less than a casino on the strip but this is simply not true.

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