Guide to Roulette in Vegas

When placing a bet in a Vegas casino there is no more popular game than roulette. The game is extremely easy to play as there are no specific rules or requirements to follow. All you need to do is place your wagers where you think the ball will land. Many casinos also have electronic terminals make it even easier to place your bets. To use these terminal simply insert your cash or redeem your voucher and the money will appear at the top of your screen. You can then start placing bets using the cash value icons to place money where you think the ball will land.

Placing wagers on the real life roulette table is slightly different as you generally cannot place standards casino chips on a roulette table. Most casinos require that you cash in your casino chips or cash and get them redeemed or coloured tokens. The value of your tokens will depend on on how much you gave the dealer. By using coloured tokens rather than cash chips it is much easier to keep track of how much you have won or lost. It also makes it much easier for the dealer to credit back your winnings. For example if you put a $25 chip down on a number it is much easier for him to give you 36 coloured chips that than to work out $25 times 36.

When playing roulette in Vegas you should always try and find a European roulette table. No matter how patriotic you are, playing American roulette is very bad value for money as there are usually two green zeros on the table making the house edge much bigger as it widens from approximately 97% payout in European roulette to 94% on American roulette. This means for every one dollar you wager an American roulette you get just $.94 back.

The amount you win depends on exactly where the ball lands and what areas of the board you have covered. Getting an exact number will pay 36 to 1 and hitting red or black pays 2-1. If French roulette is available then this is by far the best option as if green zero comes in you can often get a refund of 50% on various wagers. However since the house edge on this game is so small it is only often available for high rollers in certain casinos.

Roulette is ideal for the new players as it is extremely easy to join in and very lively game especially during weekends. Remember to always choose the game with the lowest house edge and if you are unsure how works simply chose an electronic table before joining in the real-life version.

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