Casino Player Cards

Did you know that every time you play as a casino you can earn rewards in the form of free hotels or even cash bonuses? Well if you sign up for a loyalty card at any of the major casinos on the Vegas strip you will get recorded every time you play.

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The sort of loyalty rewards you receive will depend entirely on what your standard  game is as well as how much you bet  per hand or per spin. As an example slot players will be more heavily rewarded than blackjack players. Even if your average spin on the slots is only one dollar you will still get better rewards the need person that bets $20 per hand of blackjack. This is simply because these average slot player is far more valuable to the casino than the average blackjack player as they generate far more revenue and the house edge on a slot game is far greater. Also when playing slot games you are able to play many spins in a time is taken one person to play one hand of blackjack.

The same also applies to roulette and craps players as table games are more expensive to run as it requires dealers and a pit boss. Also the house edge on roulette and craps is just a few percent whereas on slots it can vary wildly up to a massive 20%. Poker players will also receive far less rewards as an average cash table in the poker room generate significantly less than even a blackjack table. In fact poker players playing the lower stakes cash games may only receive rewards worth one or two dollars an hour which isn’t even enough to get a free room.

Exactly what you will be rewarded with depends as I said earlier on how much and what stakes you play. The average low stakes cash game player can expect to receive the occasional free room. If you live abroad then you will be sent vouchers for free hotel stays enticing you back to Vegas. Those of you that play slightly higher stakes may expect to receive their entire stay at the hotel, including free flights and even free meals to.

The high rollers i.e. those that spend hundred thousand dollars plus during their stay will expect free suite plus cash bonuses and tickets to literally any show including the major boxing events. Some will get free first class travel as well as shopping vouchers for all the top brand stores.

The super high rollers or Whales which spend upwards of $1 million per trip will get pretty much whatever they want including private jets and the top suites at the casino which would one a normal person $40,000 per night. Super high rollers also get free shopping trips including jewellery and whatever they wish. They can also expect cash bonuses when they return in the form of chips which can even be cashed out. Big players will also get cash advances meaning they don’t have to carry large sums of money.

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