Vegas Super Casinos

If you are on your way to Vegas and looking for somewhere to stay with the utmost luxury then you have to stay at one of  the Las Vegas super casinos. They vary in size and style but no matter what your budget you can stay in one of the strips many huge casino and hotel resorts. read more on super casinos here.

The Bellagio is perhaps the biggest and most luxurious with 4000 rooms ranging from luxurious doubles to top suites which go for $45,000 per night. If you don’t want be spending $45,000 just for one night’s accommodation then why not hit up their tables where you can be comped in entire weeks stay in their best rooms. Be forewarned though as you will need to have a huge budget in order for them to treat you as a highroller. Many of the big players will spend between $5,000 and $25,000 per hand of blackjack and be prepared to lose millions of dollars over the course of the weekend. These sort of players are known as Whales and are treated like gods by the casino staff. After a while you will be treated to private jets the best accommodation and free food in the top restaurants.

Even if you are only a small player you can still be treated well by the super casinos. If you are on a lesser budget then try the MGM Grand as they still have fantastic rooms and great suites they are targeted towards more of the lower end of the market. By signing up for a players card here you will get comped rooms and buffets just by playing games. Players who enjoy slots will get awarded much more than the average table game player as slots generate more revenue per square metre than any other casino game on the floor. The amount you bet is also dependent on how much you will be rewarded i.e. betting one dollar per spin on a slot get you much better rewards than playing five dollars a hand of blackjack.

The main thing to remember when playing in Vegas is to have fun and enjoy yourself. The odds are stacked against you when  you play and depending on the game you choose, the house edge will range from 1% all the way up to 30% in games like keno. In the long run you will never beat the house but you can certainly make a profit if you are lucky enough in the short run. Also remember that you must pay a resort fee when you arrive ranging from $10-$20 depending on the casino you play at.

Slots in Vegas!

If you are heading to Vegas and are looking to make it big by playing slots and I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. In terms of value for players slots are by far the worst game to play for the vast majority of people. The only game which offers worse value is keno which is known to be as low as 60%. The average slot machine pays out around 85 to 95% of whatever you put in. This means if you wager when I hundred dollars you will get $.85 back in the long run. Obviously this is only shown over a long period of time so occasionally players will go on a hot streak but by the same definition players will also go on a very cold streak with a can go many spins without any sort of win.

The best way to get value from playing slots is simply not to play them.obviously if you are in Vegas to gamble and that’s going to be quite difficult to do. First of all ensure you get a players card from the casino you are playing in. These offer great value for money if you are a slots player and you may end up getting free stays at a later date as well as meals and possibly flights if you play on.

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There are occasions when slots can be good value if you are very video poker’s game player. Video poker is similar to slots but there is a basic strategy in that you must get the best by card playground possible with the Royal flush paying out the most. Occasionally these video poker machines will feature huge progressive jackpot payouts that make it worthwhile chasing. When a jackpot is big enough in a video poker machine the average return to player will be slightly over 100%. Of course the main downside to this is to see the 100% plus payout you need to play millions and millions of hands including a hand which hits the jackpot payout otherwise you will obviously get less than 100% back.

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Since slots are completely independent when you spin there is no relation to the last spin so you will never be sure if you were on a hot streak and if it will continue just as you never know what the next been doing. It is best to research the games you play on as some will pay out higher amounts up to 95% while others will pay much less. Generally slots which are themed around film and TV will pay out less as the casinos have to pay distribution rights to the owners. It is rumoured that slots near the entrance payout much higher in order to entice people on low we have never seen evidence of this. By this reasoning slots in less touristy casinos should pay less than a casino on the strip but this is simply not true.

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Vegas Blackjack

Blackjack is undoubtedly the most popular casino game in Vegas. Pretty much every film will TV show involving gambling will involve some kind of blackjack. The game is relatively simple to play your main aim is to get as close to 21 as possible without busting. There are many different variations of the game including side games which can pay huge amounts of up to 10,000 times your bet but you should be aware the site claims often are far worse value for money than the standard game.

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Other things to look out for in blackjack are the game rules as these affect the payout percentage given back to the player. For example, some casinos only pay odds of 3/2 hitting a blackjack where as others pay 2/1. Also some casinos require the dealer to hit on 16 while others it is 17 and some casinos require the dealer to hit on a soft 17 while others don’t. All these slight variations add up to slightly modify the overall payout percentage of the game. If you play perfect blackjack at a optimal table you can expect a payout percentage of up to 98.5% this means for every $100 you bet you get $98.50 back. Obviously this is only displayed in the long run this will obviously not happen every single hand as  gambling would be very boring. You should also bear in mind that if you are playing with a loyalty card you make it slightly extra more in value such as free rooms or meals in the local restaurant.

If you wish to play games with optimal rules meaning the highest possible payout percentage you either need to go to casinos of the strip where there are relatively few tourists as the overheads in these casinos are much lower so they can afford to be more lax with the rules. Otherwise your only other option is to play in the highroller rooms of the big casinos. Since the minimum bets on these rooms are far higher the casino can afford the edge to be slightly smaller so if a casino has a 1% house edge in a game with $1000 minimum bet they are still making at least $10 per player per hand as opposed to a $20 table with a 3 percent house edge where they would make just $.60.

The main thing to bear in mind when playing blackjack on the strip is to sign up for a players card to get even more value and of course, to have fun. If you are simply in Vegas for a you week gambling holiday then don’t worry too much about it as you probably won’t get too much value out of a players card if you are just sticking to blackjack. Remember to tip the wait staff but don’t worry too much about tipping the dealers especially if you are on losing streak.

Casino Player Cards

Did you know that every time you play as a casino you can earn rewards in the form of free hotels or even cash bonuses? Well if you sign up for a loyalty card at any of the major casinos on the Vegas strip you will get recorded every time you play.

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The sort of loyalty rewards you receive will depend entirely on what your standard  game is as well as how much you bet  per hand or per spin. As an example slot players will be more heavily rewarded than blackjack players. Even if your average spin on the slots is only one dollar you will still get better rewards the need person that bets $20 per hand of blackjack. This is simply because these average slot player is far more valuable to the casino than the average blackjack player as they generate far more revenue and the house edge on a slot game is far greater. Also when playing slot games you are able to play many spins in a time is taken one person to play one hand of blackjack.

The same also applies to roulette and craps players as table games are more expensive to run as it requires dealers and a pit boss. Also the house edge on roulette and craps is just a few percent whereas on slots it can vary wildly up to a massive 20%. Poker players will also receive far less rewards as an average cash table in the poker room generate significantly less than even a blackjack table. In fact poker players playing the lower stakes cash games may only receive rewards worth one or two dollars an hour which isn’t even enough to get a free room.

Exactly what you will be rewarded with depends as I said earlier on how much and what stakes you play. The average low stakes cash game player can expect to receive the occasional free room. If you live abroad then you will be sent vouchers for free hotel stays enticing you back to Vegas. Those of you that play slightly higher stakes may expect to receive their entire stay at the hotel, including free flights and even free meals to.

The high rollers i.e. those that spend hundred thousand dollars plus during their stay will expect free suite plus cash bonuses and tickets to literally any show including the major boxing events. Some will get free first class travel as well as shopping vouchers for all the top brand stores.

The super high rollers or Whales which spend upwards of $1 million per trip will get pretty much whatever they want including private jets and the top suites at the casino which would one a normal person $40,000 per night. Super high rollers also get free shopping trips including jewellery and whatever they wish. They can also expect cash bonuses when they return in the form of chips which can even be cashed out. Big players will also get cash advances meaning they don’t have to carry large sums of money.

Guide to Vegas Craps!

Although not as popular as games such as roulette or blackjack, craps is a highly popular game quite often noted for its popularity in film and TV. Craps is a great game if you want your money to last a bit longer and you also have enough money supply into the table. Craps is also a low variance game but you to have the possibility of hitting a good run and cashing out for huge sums. They don’t bet on it happening very often.

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To play craps there are very many resources online such as Wizard of odds and various other sites. To read up on how you can play the game click here. You should also bear in mind is there are many sites which try and teach you various strategies to beat the casino. There was no such thing as a strategy that can beat the house edge. Obviously the sites charge money for such a product are a scam and you should never hand over your money as these are 100% scams.

Since craps is not as popular as roulette or blackjack there are only a few tables around Vegas. These can often be found in a highroller areas or near the blackjack tables. On weekends these tables are often completely packed with players as it is a very sociable game. Chances are you’ve seen craps being played in a film or movie and the environment is electric.

Remember before playing craps to always join the membership scheme of the casino you are playing in in order to get all the benefits from it. Playing craps won’t get you as many player points as slots for example, as craps is not a particularly big earner for the casino but it does draw in the highrolling players.

If you are new to playing craps and you have just read up on all the rules try not to be put off by playing the game. Although you may hear a lot of terminology flying around from players and the staff there are plenty of casinos with slightly less action which you can play at in order to pick up the game. Any casino in Vegas will be happy to show you how to play and there are even special courses at most casinos which will walk you through what you need to know.

Guide to Roulette in Vegas

When placing a bet in a Vegas casino there is no more popular game than roulette. The game is extremely easy to play as there are no specific rules or requirements to follow. All you need to do is place your wagers where you think the ball will land. Many casinos also have electronic terminals make it even easier to place your bets. To use these terminal simply insert your cash or redeem your voucher and the money will appear at the top of your screen. You can then start placing bets using the cash value icons to place money where you think the ball will land.

Placing wagers on the real life roulette table is slightly different as you generally cannot place standards casino chips on a roulette table. Most casinos require that you cash in your casino chips or cash and get them redeemed or coloured tokens. The value of your tokens will depend on on how much you gave the dealer. By using coloured tokens rather than cash chips it is much easier to keep track of how much you have won or lost. It also makes it much easier for the dealer to credit back your winnings. For example if you put a $25 chip down on a number it is much easier for him to give you 36 coloured chips that than to work out $25 times 36.

When playing roulette in Vegas you should always try and find a European roulette table. No matter how patriotic you are, playing American roulette is very bad value for money as there are usually two green zeros on the table making the house edge much bigger as it widens from approximately 97% payout in European roulette to 94% on American roulette. This means for every one dollar you wager an American roulette you get just $.94 back.

The amount you win depends on exactly where the ball lands and what areas of the board you have covered. Getting an exact number will pay 36 to 1 and hitting red or black pays 2-1. If French roulette is available then this is by far the best option as if green zero comes in you can often get a refund of 50% on various wagers. However since the house edge on this game is so small it is only often available for high rollers in certain casinos.

Roulette is ideal for the new players as it is extremely easy to join in and very lively game especially during weekends. Remember to always choose the game with the lowest house edge and if you are unsure how works simply chose an electronic table before joining in the real-life version.